Helping Combat Veterans network within our community by providing Mentoring, Employment Coaching, & Financial Education so they gain the support & confidence needed to thrive in civilian life.

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The Rothenbuehler Foundation (TRF) is a 501(c)(3) certified non-profit organization made up of combat veterans and focused on supporting combat veterans in those areas of life they need most…Job opportunities, financial education, mentoring & coaching.  Our personal approach and vast network enable our donors' funds to be utilized in the moset effective way, and with the most impact on the veterans' lives.

The Rothenbuehler Foundation is dedicated to serve veterans that are struggling with the after effects of service in war. Whether they're struggling with finding employment, battling PTSD, or just struggling to make ends meet to provide for the family, TRF creates solutions. If you find yourself in this situation, click below to get in contact with us.

The Rothenbuehler Foundation is made up of amazing contributors dedicated to the same mission…to fight for those that fought for us. We are grateful for our awesome network of businesses, individuals, services, and mentors that we involve in our custom-tailored approach to helping combat veterans. If you'd like to offer your services or just help in the process, please let us know by clicking below.

As a 501(c)(3) certified non-profit organization your donation is tax deductible. We invite you to donate as generously as you can. Whether it's $5, $100 or $1,000, every cent is extremely appreciated and valued. We are nothing without the contributions made by our loving donors. Click below to make a contribution via check, PayPal or a credit card.

“Thousands of Combat Veterans
Need your Help”

Statistics from the THE STATE OF THE AMERICAN VETERAN: The Orange County Veterans Study, published by USC School of Social Work, © 2015


8 in 10 veterans leave the military without a job, expecting to quickly find meaningful employment.


Over three-quarters of those veterans without a job are not receiving assistance in finding a job


Five in 10 military veterans report a significant physical or mental health issue for which they
are not receiving care.


Over one-third of veterans report financial troubles, many of which began during military service.

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Collaboration Partners

The Real Estate Warriors - serve those who serve America in five distinct ways. Identify patriotic property owners willing to rent to a veteran at a reduced rate.

Veterans Legal Institute (VLI) provides pro bono legal assistance to homeless and low income current and former service members so as to eradicate barriers to housing,education, employment and healthcare and foster self-sufficiency. VLI is a trusted partner to TRF and currently provides employment opportunities for TRF Sponsored Veterans. VLI is designated by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Over the years, the Orange County Electrical Training Center (OCETT) has continually trained the best Electricians, Sound Installers and Intelligent Transportation System Installers in the industry without cost to the taxpayers. Students in our training programs "Earn While They Learn". Not only does this allow students to earn an income while in school, it also creates new tax revenue for the economy. This is truly a model program as it takes little to nothing from the taxpayers while training some of the most productive workers in Orange County.  To learn more about OCETT, please visit

Roto-Rooter was established in 1935 and is the largest provider of plumbing & drain cleaning services in North America. Roto-Rooter operates businesses in more than 115 company-owned territories and more than 500 franchise territories, service approximately 90% of the U.S. population and 41% of the Canadian population. For more information about Roto-Rooter, please visit

Brett Beard & Lydia Zepeda – The Real Estate Warriors – serve those who serve America in five distinct ways...

  1. Identify patriotic property owners willing to rent to a veteran at a reduced rate.
  2. Ensure veterans utilize all of the most current VA benefits and programs available and protect them from unscrupulous industry practitioners.
  3. Serve military home buyers relentlessly – negotiating the lowest purchase price possible.
  4. Advise our heroes to purchase homes in communities that promote active, health, family lifestyles.
  5. Direct the property management needs of our service members when they are called to serve overseas.

Featuring Our Supporters

Featuring Our Supporters

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